Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big-A-Bubba Shrimp

This week the focus is on the Big-A-Bubba Shrimp Cocktail. Seems appropriate to partake of a lot of seafood here.
Was it good? Suffice it to say that it didn’t last long. Perhaps we were hungry … perhaps the shrimp made us that way. No matter. It disappeared without a trace. See the Before picture below.
Matt Gavula was on hand to rock the deck too! Matt performed to a crowd sprinkled with many fellow musicians. Didn’t scare him. An excellent voice delivering a nice mix of favorites from Erie’s Piano Man. Look for Matt every Thursday (and some other dates) this summer at The Italian Fisherman.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Midnite Groove on the Deck

This week we focus on the entertainment of Midnite Groove. Well, mostly. We couldn’t resist a little dive into the Italian Nachos.

Midnite Groove livened up the deck with many favorites from the fifties through contemporary. The vocals complement the, dare we say “groove” of the, music nicely, and brought the folks to the dance floor.

Now, about the nachos. A nice mix; much like the music, a little something for everyone. At a table of seven, the platter outlasted us (see below – OMG!). No matter, we kicked back, had a drink, and had a great time with the music, the view, and the atmosphere.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Season on the Deck Begins

Although the Italian Fisherman has been open for approximately a month already this season, the newly renovated deck is now open, and is a "must see."

The lovely view of Chautauqua Lake remains intact, and the food is still exquisite, whether you're in the dining room or on the deck.

Named in honor of our musical inspiration, the Bill Volk Stage on the deck will host Midnite Groove on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd this week.

Come on in to unwind from your week, enjoy the food and drinks, and kick up your heels on the dance floor.